Jimmy Fallon iPhone Painting

My iPhone painting of Jimmy Fallon is on his site! Go here to check it out. Also, click below to watch the 'making of' video.


Warm Heart Watercolor

I was recently asked to illustrate the phrase "Malawi: the warm heart of Africa". Due to a quick deadline, I decided to bust out the watercolors.

I hadn't used watercolors in well over 5 years, so it was fun to revisit the medium. I'll take you through the process below.

I began with a rough sketch:

I then washed in the skin tone:

Starting with the eyes, I began to focus on the details. I also darkened the darks and added rich medium tones. I love to approach painting as a sculptor would--shaping and constructing the face with color:

Continuing with details, I focus on the nose and mouth. Finally, I work on the ears, shirt and add final highlights to complete the painting seen above:


Latest iPhone Fingerpainting

My latest iPhone painting has been posted on MercyMe's site. Thanks for the posting, fellas!

(click to view video)